The need for detoxification

Nowadays, our body is suffering more and more. We get more toxins through food, care products, cosmetics, cleaning products, air pollution and radiation. Our body gets clogged up with waste products. A growing number of people are struggling with ‘vague’ health complaints as a result.

In an ideal situation, our body itself is able to break down and eliminate all toxins on a daily basis. However, our current fast and hectic lifestyle is often combined with a wrong diet, high demands and stress, lack of sleep and little exercise. In addition, we increasingly suffer from allergies, viruses and bacteria or from medical conditions that limit us in our daily life. Our liver and kidneys, two important detoxification organs, are heavily strained by the use of medication.

In short, our body is working overtime. As a result, the self-healing capacity of our body and other important body processes are severely disrupted. Waste substances can no longer be sufficiently eliminated and accumulate in our body.

The surplus of toxins will initially float in the body fluids, but via the blood and lymph circulation it spreads onto the cells and organs. After some time these toxins are stored in the subcutaneous connective tissues.

Connective tissue is a storage for toxins

Connective tissue is all the soft and stretchy tissue in the body. It has many functions. It connects the organs to blood vessels, nerves and lymph. In addition, connective tissue enables the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and organs. When the connective tissue becomes clogged with toxins, this is often noticeable on the outside as well. The tissue feels stiff or hardened.

A ‘polluted’ body often suffers from one or more of the following health complaints:

  • Fatigue (e.g. burn-out)

  • Chronic pain (e.g. migraine, fibromyalgia)

  • Chronic inflammation (e.g. of muscles/joints, rheumatic disorders)

  • Skin problems (e.g. acne, eczema)

  • Hormonal complaints (e.g. menstrual or fertility problems)

  • Poor concentration, blurred mind

  • Negative thoughts, depression

  • Sleeping problems

  • Gastrointestinal complaints (e.g. heartburn, constipation)

  • Gain weight faster

  • Lowered immune system

Toxins accumulate gradually. In the beginning, we often ignore the symptoms or suppress them with medication. If nothing is done about it, the symptoms will not disappear and will rather worsen. As a result, people may end up in a downward spiral and become more sick. It would help to change one’s lifestyle or environment, but because of pain or tiredness this isn’t always possible.

Complete detoxification at Healthy Detox

There are several ways to detoxify the body. Traditionally, this is often done through (herbal) drinks or superfoods. But if the body is already (heavily) polluted, it absorbs less nutrients. People also regularly suffer from gastrointestinal complaints or a condition that limits the absorption of nutrients. As a result, detoxification through food alone often turns out not to be enough.

Prevention is better than cure

Even if you don’t experience any real health problems yet, you can come to Healthy Detox. With age, kidney and liver functions decrease. Detoxifying your body slows down the aging process and improves your immune system. The treatments at Healthy Detox work in a preventive way and fit perfectly with a healthy lifestyle.

Treat your body and mind to a well-deserved detox cure at Healthy Detox!

A thorough detox is the start if you suffer from chronic health problems. A series of eight treatments already gives most people a good result: more energy, less pain and fewer complaints. A large number of people also lose weight and experience skin improvement. You will feel good in your skin and in your head again.

(Attention! Please note that each body and person is different. The result can vary for each person).

Stay vital!

Stay vital!